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When working on your home decor there's a few things to keep in mind that will save you a lot of headaches down the line. These can be boiled down to color, size, and contrast. There is no right or wrong color for a specific room; however, you should bare in mind that not all colors work well together. For instance, a clear distinction can be made between warm (red, orange, yellow) and cold (blue, green, purple) colors. Usually, palettes are made up of colors that complement each other, whether warm or cold, and colors that contrast well with the former ones. Furthermore, there's the special case of black and white. We refer to these as neutral colors, since they can be thought of as special cases. On their own, these colors tend not to bring much attention to themselves, and they are especially useful when combined with either warm or cold colors since they allow us to mix and match without creating tension between colors.

Size is also an important variable in home decor. Size is especially relevant for artworks, since depending on the work more or less "breathing" space is needed around it. Breathing space is important for both artwork and viewer. Many times artworks can feel dense, and so it is recommended empty space is left around them to allow the work to expand and find some sort of natural balance with the viewer.

Below we find some examples of good practice:

Gustav Wagner
Gustav Wagner


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